About Scouting

The History Of Scouting

Robert Baden-Powell is the person who started Scouting, over 100 years ago. Baden-Powell was a soldier, with the army he went to places like India, The Balkans, South Africa and Malta. He found he was very good at teaching other solder things like map making, tracking and reporting. He wrote a small book for soldiers to teach them lots of different skills.

He returned home to England to find that he had become a national hero. He also found that his book was being used to teach observation and woodcraft to members of Boys Clubs and Boys Brigade. Baden-Powell decided to rewrite the book, especially for boys. Then in 1907, he held a camp on Brownsea Island to test his ideas and skills from his book. The camp was a great success and Baden-Powell realised that his ideas and his books were really enjoyed by young people and they loved learning new things.

In January 1908, he wrote a book “Scouting for Boys”, young people enjoyed it so much they formed clubs to learn about all the new skills in this book. These clubs were called Boy Scouts and Baden-Powell set up an office to organise these groups. Now over 100 years later there are over 20 million Scouts all over the world.

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